The Past 24 Hours or So – Protest/Race Relations, Trump Administration, and Presidential Campaign Updates

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Protest/Race Relations

  • Defense Secretary Mark Esper has expressed concern within the administration about federal agents dressing up like active-duty troops in U.S. cities, a Pentagon spokesperson said.
  • Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said federal agents in Portland “will not retreat” as law enforcement grapples with demonstrations and violent protests in Oregon’s biggest city.
  • Planned Parenthood of Greater New York announced it will remove the name of Margaret Sanger, who founded the national organization, because of her racist legacy and her connections to the eugenics movement — which pushed a discredited, racist theory that states that the human race can be “improved” through selective breeding of those with “desirable” traits.

Trump Administration

  • President Trump signed a memo that aims to omit undocumented immigrants from 2020 census count. The move is likely to prompt legal challenges.
  • President Trump is planning to send federal agents to Chicago and Mayor Lori Lightfoot pushed back against the plan in a letter to the president.

Officials with The Department of Justice said the plan to send federal agents there would not involve engaging with protesters. It would mainly be in response to shootings and street violence.

  • The American ambassador to Britain, Robert “Woody” Johnson IV, told multiple colleagues that President Trump had asked him to see if the British government could help steer the world-famous and lucrative British Open golf tournament to the Trump Turnberry resort in Scotland.
  • President Trump offered sympathetic words to Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of child sex trafficking in connection to her late friend Jeffrey Epstein.

“I just wish her well, frankly,” Trump said

  • Top business groups representing multiple industries filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over newly issued limits on work visas.
  • White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told reporters that President Trump is committed to including a payroll-tax cut in the next coronavirus relief bill despite firm opposition from Senate Republicans.
  • The Commerce Department has unveiled sanctions against 11 Chinese companies over concerns that the firms were assisting China’s government with the oppression of Uighur minorities in the northwestern Xinjiang province.
  • The White House threatened to veto annual defense policy legislation in part because it includes a provision that would direct the Pentagon to rename military bases currently named after Confederate leaders.

Presidential Campaign

  • President Trump, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Sen. Lindsey Graham were seen in video footage at a Washington, DC fundraiser on Monday night without wearing masks — just hours after Trump tweeted that it’s “patriotic” to wear one.
  • Joe Biden said four Black women were in consideration to be his running mate, and he has been receiving extensive vetting briefings about each potential candidate.

“I am not committed to naming any (of the potential candidates), but the people I’ve named, and among them there are four Black women,” Biden told MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

  • Joe Biden on Tuesday proposed new tax credits for those who care for children, seniors and disabled people and said he would build tens of thousands of new child-care facilities as part of a plan to bolster what his campaign called the “caregiving economy.”
  • President Trump’s reelection campaign on Tuesday raked in $20 million in its first virtual fundraiser.
  • The mayor of Jacksonville, FL, on Tuesday backed up Duval County Sheriff Mike Williams’s assessment that the security plans for the Republican National Convention are inadequate, saying that he needed reassurance that law enforcement would have the necessary resources to secure the convention.
  • Joe Biden is preparing to ramp up his ad spending in the coming weeks, taking advantage of a recent fundraising surge that has helped him nearly close the financial gap between himself and President Trump. 

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is poised to drop more than $15 million on paid media in the coming week alone, Biden’s campaign announced.

  • Joe Biden pledged to overturn President Trump’s travel ban that targeted majority Muslim countries on his first day in office if elected president.

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