The Past 24 Hours or So

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Protest News

  • Atlanta police chief Erika Shields has resigned after a video of another fatal police shooting went viral Friday night, prompting more protests against racism and police violence.
  • Almost a dozen South Florida police officers resigned from their city’s SWAT unit this week, claiming that they did not feel safe and that current “politicalization of our tactics” limited them in doing their jobs.
  • The Secret Service is walking back a statement it made last week claiming its agents did not use tear gas or pepper spray on protesters to “secure the area” near Lafayette Square last Monday.

In an amended statement released Saturday afternoon, the Secret Service said after further review, it determined that “an agency employee used pepper spray on June 1st during efforts to secure the area near Lafayette Park.”

  • Photojournalist experts lashed out at Fox News for publishing alleged photoshopped pictures of a man armed with a military-style rifle in front of a smashed storefront and in other areas of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle.
  • “That could be me, pulled over for speeding five miles over the speed limit. That could be me with a busted tail light,” Surgeon General Jerome Adams said regarding the death of George Floyd. “That could be me who is just seen as a black man and not as the surgeon general of the United States — especially if I’m not wearing a uniform, but I’m casually dressed in my hoodie and tennis shoes and athletic apparel — and that could be me on the side of a road with a knee in my neck.”
  •  South Brunswick Police said three protesters were injured on Friday afternoon when a deer ran into the crowd marching along a highway in New Jersey.

Two people were treated for their injuries on scene. A 69-year-old woman with a serious head injury was taken to the hospital and was in intensive care late Friday.

  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a sweeping police reform bill that bans law enforcement officers from using chokeholds following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It also repeals a section of the state’s civil rights law that allows prior disciplinary records of law enforcement officers to become transparent.

“And we made it clear: No reform – no funding,” Cuomo tweeted.

  • An officer has been fired following a review of the fatal police shooting of Rayshard Brooks on Friday night during an incident at a Wendy’s drive-thru. The 27-year-old was sleeping in his car before the confrontation with the police. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says Brooks obtained a police taser and pointed it an officer. The Wendy’s in question has been set alight and is engulfed in flames.

Administration News

  • President Trump’s commencement speech to West Point’s graduating class highlighted the diversity of America’s newest officers defending the nation’s core principles. Trump emphasized unity at a time when his relationship with military leaders is strained.
  • The Trump administration may pursue oil and gas drilling off the coast of Florida after the presidential election this November, according to administration sources who say Trump is waiting because of how unpopular offshore drilling is in the state.


  • The Beijing authorities shut down a major seafood and produce market and locked down several residential complexes on Saturday after 53 people tested positive for the coronavirus in the city.
  • Face masks appear to be most effective when supplemented with hand-washing and physical distancing, researchers have found.
  • The CDC released new pandemic guidelines that include a recommendation saying cloth face coverings were “strongly encouraged” at events that involve shouting, chanting or singing.
  • Brazil’s coronavirus death toll is now the second-highest in the world, surpassing the United Kingdom and trailing only the United States.
  • White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro said the next coronavirus relief package could provide up to $2 trillion in funding, as lawmakers spar over what should be included in the next round of legislation.
  • Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has indicated that he will not require residents to wear face masks in public spaces in the state, despite a sharp increase in coronavirus cases.
  • States may need to reimplement the strict social distancing measures that were put in place earlier this year if U.S. coronavirus cases rise “dramatically,” a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official said.

“Right now, communities are experiencing different levels of transmission occurring, as they gradually ease up onto the community mitigation efforts and gradually reopen,” the CDC’s deputy director for infectious diseases, Jay Butler, told reporters during a press briefing.

  • Health officials in Washington are warning that the coronavirus is spreading more widely throughout the state, an increase likely driven by transmissions that took place over Memorial Day weekend.

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