Say It Ain’t Joe

Joe Biden and His Campaign News

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden released plans to expand Medicare eligibility and forgive some student debt.

Biden announced Thursday he would lower the Medicare eligibility age to 60 and forgive federal student debt for low-income and middle-class people who attended public colleges and universities, historically black colleges and universities, and underfunded minority-serving institutions.

  • Former Vice President Biden joined in the calls to release the racial breakdowns of coronavirus cases and deaths. The presidential candidate requested the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention release racial and income data so resources can be sent to “where help is needed first and fastest.”

“The challenge for us as leaders is ensuring support gets to those who need it immediately, and doing the necessary work to rip out the structural racism that creates these inequalities wherever we find it,” he continued.

  • Former Democratic Presidential hopeful and billionaire Tom Steyer endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president. 

The businessman told POLITICO in an interview that he plans to use his resources to get Biden elected, joining almost every candidate who dropped from the Democratic primary race in endorsing the former vice president.

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