In The Past 24 Hours Or So

Your Daily Dose of Trump and His Administration News

  • A large section of wall along the border between California and Mexico that was recently constructed under President Trump’s orders fell over on Wednesday due to high winds.
  • The White House has issued a formal threat to former national security adviser John Bolton to keep him from publishing his book, “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.” In a letter to Bolton’s lawyer, a top official at the National Security Council wrote the unpublished manuscript of Bolton’s book “appears to contain significant amounts of classified information” and couldn’t be published as written.
  • John Bolton’s lawyer says he and the former national security adviser do not think material in an unpublished manuscript written by Bolton about the Trump administration includes classified information.
  • US health officials from the CDC and the National Institutes of Health were officially given the green light this week to travel to China to study the coronavirus outbreak that has infected thousands and killed more than 130 people in hopes of finding a cure. U.S. experts will be “embedded” with Chinese health officials and researchers.
  • Former White House national security advisor Michael Flynn is denying ever having lied to the FBI in a new legal filing submitted as part of his attempt to withdraw an earlier guilty plea to making false statements.
  • 14 states are suing President Trump’s EPA for its recent decision to roll back Obama-era chemical plant safety regulations, saying it will lead to “explosions, fires, poisonous gas releases, and other accidents.”

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